As corporate retail giants like Amazon continue to grow, we have come to enjoy the convenience and simplicity of getting it all under one roof with a one-stop-shop experience. And the business software world is catching on, especially if you’re a Salesforce customer.

Users and developers of business applications are…

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, marketers all over the world were suddenly thrust into the crazy and fast-changing world of crisis management as businesses in virtually every industry were impacted in some way.

Whether you’ve had formal training in crisis communications or not, it’s stressful to suddenly scrap your existing projects…

Salesforce is a powerful platform with a wide range of standard features. It can be difficult to ensure you’re fully utilizing all of the available functionality. These four strategies can help you to derive more value from your investment.

1. Conducting a Health Check of Your Salesforce Org

You can conduct a health check of your Salesforce org with…

Matt Dillon

Matt is the Co-Founder and Vice President of Business Development at Nuvem Consulting. Nuvem focuses on building fully integrated solutions using #Salesforce.

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